Thursday, June 4, 2009

scAIR Jordan

News out of the Eagles camp is that Brian Westbrook will have surgery on an ankle that has been bothering him for over a year. I'm okay with this. A guy like Westy, at this stage of his career, is probably better off missing all the pounding, wear and tear these camps can bring. This does make the drafting of Shady McCoy crucial though -- and the kid better learn quickly b/c clearly Lorenzo Booooooooka - is not the asnwer! I think the Birds will bring in another back (for some reason I see Shaun Alexander) as insurance should Westy's knee/ankle act up during the season. Clearly, he won't ever be the 500-touch RB he once was, but I think we can still use him as a 20-touch/per game back. Also, I really like the signing of Brian Stewart as a special assistant. He was definitely the fall-guy in Dallas and I think the Birds have 2 really good fallback choices at D-Coordinator if JJ misses any time or is unable to continue coaching. Good to see everyone respecting his privacy -- haven't seen or heard much about him, since he left the team. Hope he gets better very soon!

10 Years ago, the headline "Jordan Coming to Philly" would have me streaking through the streets of Philly (or maybe Atlanta, since its warmer). However, in 2009 Eddie Jordan becoming the Sixers next head coach leaves me unsettled. I'm sure Eddie is a bright, kind man, who loves puppies dogs, sunsets, and basketball, which was apparent to the Sixers braintrust during their 4-hour interview, where Eddie went into great detail about his offense. Personally, I think the Sixers got this one WRONG. Way wrong!

Here's why - In 518 games as head coach of the Kings and Wizzards, Jordan's career record is a whoping 230-288 (that's a 44.4% winning percentage for all my math fans out there). Last time I checked, that's a step above SUCKVILLE. His supporters (insert joke here) say he took the Wizzards to the playoffs in 4 of his 5 seasons. When more then 50% of the teams in any league make the playoffs, that comes off as not-so-impressive. He's made it beyond the first round ONCE in six total seasons. As Sixer fans we've seen the likes of Chris Ford, Mo Cheeks and Tony Dileo lead this team into the playoffs. We need better then Eddie Jordan! I'm sure Stefanski has fond NJ memories of Jordan from his Nets days, but this ain't 2000 anymore, Eddie. So far your moves have been questionable at best. I think you get a pass for the Elton Brand signing (unless he gets hurt again this year) but Eddie Jordan was not the right choice and I give him 2 years. Not to mention Jordan, in his introductory press conference heaped praise on Jason Smith. Haven't heard of him? Probably b/c he played in 3 games 2 seasons back, before blowing out his knee early in camp this year. Lets build our franchise around him....I'm over it already. Also heard a rumor that the Sixers were looking into dealing last year's top pick Marreese Speights and their pick this year (#17) to the Grizz for Marco Jaric (who has an insane contract) and the #2, which would be Ricky Rubio - who sorta looks like and plays like he was in Menudo. One word - NO. Rubio averaged 8 pts a game in the Spanish Armada league. If this happens my pal Derrick Hinmon and I will go up to Philly and personally kick our GM in the cujones.

In better news, two back-to-back great pitching performances courtesy of two young Phils out on the west coast this week. Antonio Bastardo (G-d help him if he pitches poorly in Philly) went 6 innings against San Diego, gave up 4 hits, a run and struck out 5, with a fastball that hit 95 on the radar gun. The very next night underappreciated JA Happ (who somehow goes by Jay) went 7 innings, giving up 4 hits, 0 runs and struck out 4. It's not unusual for an unseen pitcher to do well in his debut (like Bastardo - loved that the Phils were saying he threw in the high 80s), but I really think JA Happ will do well as a starter in Philly. Not saying the Phils won't or shouldn't trade for another pitcher since it looks like Brett Myers will be out for the year, but the future could be very bright for the Phils with all of this young talent. I didn't even mention Kyle Drabek who is 21 and was hitting 99 MPH on his fastball in his debut w/AA Reading. Are you kidding me? A 99 MPH heater? I'm already frothing at the mouth.

Flyers - Ray Emery? Really? Well, if you want attention, that's what you are getting. This guy admitted to getting pulled over 30 TIMES by the police. I'm pretty sure you can see him on a couple of episodes of COPS - Ottawa. He fights with other goalies (he once fought w/Marty Biron), other teams, his own teammates and despite taking Ottawa to the finals, they still bought out his contract (don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out). Only 26, maybe he has grown up, but I seriously think we just added Ric Flair (aka the dirtiest player in the game) to our roster. Maybe he'll put Crosby in the figure four.

Dawgs opener is set for a 3:30 EST kick-off against Oklahoma State. Crazy to think, but when was the last time the Dawgs opened the season as underdogs? I can hardly wait. Also, Gordon Beckam who was an absolute man-beast during the Diamond Dawgs College World Series run, was called up by the White Sox today. He's definitely one to keep an eye on.

Random Things:
*I could care less about the NBA Finals. Not sure why, but I think Dwight Howard, while physically insane, is kind of a dork. He just strikes me as that guy in the gym who pulls up his shirt to wipe his brow, so that he can check out his abs.
*Go see The Hangover - freaking hilarious. Not so much a movie that you will quote ala Wedding Crashers, but just a creative movie that will keep you laughing.
*Super-excited for Summerfest this weekend. Is there anything like daytime drinking, when you can walk/stumble/crawl home? I love you, Virginia Highlands
*How great is it to see Andy back w/Conan? If they can get back together, I can still hold out hope for a Silver Spoons reunion (sadly my special lady or anyone else 27 or younger will not appreciate this reference).
*Last weekend, while in Mississippi, I saw the single greatest reaction to anything I've ever seen. Thank you Jay for making our trip so fullfilled.
*Wayne Joss - I told you I'd put you in my next blog. Are you happy now? You are the best kickballa' on the planet.
*And I leave you with this - two gay penguins raise an abandoned penguin. This is the stuff that should be front page news. I can't make this stuff up... gen/ap/Europe/EU_Germany_Male_Penguin_Parents.html?cxntlid=thbz_hm

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  1. Great blog. Your best yet. I laughed out loud three times. Just for the record, I don't know about kicking anyone in the cojones, but I'd happily hold him while you jump off the top rope and clothes-line him (a la the Road Warriors)!