Monday, June 15, 2009

Back by Popular DeMANd

To the two people who actually asked when my next blog was going to run (Steve-O and B-Train), Christmas/Channuka/Kwanza comes early boys. Actually, I think the blog is picking up steam. Even my Mom asked how she could sign-up for it yesterday, but I'm making her sweat it out, since she was so late to jump on the bandwagon. All she needs to do is threaten me w/no ice tea next time I visit and the power will shift back in her favor. Nonetheless, thank you for reading and caring (or pretending) about SouthernFried Cheesesteak - together we can take over the world and overthrow the tyranny taking place in Iran.

So the Sixers have brought in a myriad of guards over the last week to determine who their #17 pick will be. To me, its gotta be either Ty Lawson or Eric Maynor. It should be a no-brainer. AT LEAST one of those guys will be there when we pick. Mr. Stefanski - Lou Williams is not a PG and according to Derek Hinmon - he has NEVER played PG in organized ball. Why start teaching him at the pro level?

Am I concerned about the Phillies? Not at all. People, do you realize we won a WORLD "Fu--in" SERIES last season?? The fact that everyone is up in arms b/c we "can't compete with the Red Sox" shows you just how far we've come. In Philly we don't win titles, we win a title every 25 years and bitch the other 24. Is there anyone out there who REALLY believes the Phils will go back-to-back? Ain't happening and I'm okay with that. We will always have 2008. Look, we definitely need a veteran arm, but NO ONE is going to give up a decent arm right in June. I expect the Phils to sit tight and make a Blanton/Loshe-like deal at the deadline.

Huge props to Chase Utley who leads the NL in the All-Star voting with almost 2.3 million. Chase you are the man -- told you I'd put you in the next blog. Did you know that the Phillies also lead the league in fielding percentage (.990) and in average home attendance (43,000 +)?

Eagles, glad to see they re-negotiated Donovan McNabb's deal. Its a win-win. If D-Mac doesn't deliver a title in the next two years or even a 6th trip to the NFC Championship game, I'm curious to see what they will do with him. To me, he's one of the most under-appreciated athletes in the city. By the way, I'm pretty sure they have enough money below the cap to bail out the big 3.

Big Derian Hatcher finally hung-up his skates after a valiant NHL career. The 17-year veteran will be a scout for the Flyers. I wonder if Ray Emery will challenge him to a fight in the locker room?

Dawgs home opener is set for a 7pm kick-off against the Cocks of South Carolina. This worries me b/c just like the players, the fans need to get in game shape. Starting off w/a night game gives us fans waaaaay too much time to consume inhuman amounts of bourbon. It could get ugly. Two big commitments for the Dawgs this week... Da'Rick Rogers (rated by rivals as the top prospect in the state and 22nd overall) verbally committed, as did massive offensive lineman Brent Benedict (the 40th overall prospect). The thought of Rogers and Marlon Brown in 2 years, teaming up with AJ Green for his 3rd and final season has me salivating - was that too much information?

In other news....
*I just saw the most interesting man in the world's newest commercial - the man can speak French in Russian!!!! How do you not respect that? I'm planning my halloween costume now.
*On the contrary, NBA Finals - you done yet? Kobe could win 16 NBA Titles and he still couldn't hold MJ's jock.
*Apparently Miami is home to the angriest drivers -- you live by the ocean people, what is there to be so angry about?
*Am I the only who watches games on tape delay after you already know the outcome, but when you are watching this game on tape delay you somehow believe the outcome might be different?
*Anyone else enjoy watching soccer (on HD and possibly on tape delay)?
*The more I learn, the more I know that dogs are without a doubt man's best friend
*If you are one of those people who sweats uncontrollably, you are cool with me as long as you CLEAN UP THE MACHINES IN THE GYM after you use them. Don't walk away like you didn't know you sweat out 5 lbs of your worst stench on the flat bench
*Yesterday, my friend Jonathan Ganz and I made lunch plans. We talked about whether he was going to pay-up on the Ibanez-vs-Burrell stats, to which he said, "It ain't over, Ibanez could still break his leg." I let him know that even if that happened tomorrow, Pat the Bat's number would still fall short of Ibanez's numbers. Jonathan's response, "At least it would make the NL East exciting again." Damn it feels good to be a Phillies fan!
*Name me a more consistently great food then cereal.
*Craig Ferguson might be the most unfunny man on TV. Period. Not even HD saves his lame-ass routine.
*Brett Favre - seriously man? I know there are a bunch of teams just licking their chops, hoping you come back. I know you are out to prove Ted Thompson wrong, but its enough. Although, is it Brett's fault or Minnesota's fault? If they weren't interested (and none of the other teams were interested) would I be filling my blogspace with this? Probably not.
*In closing I bring you this story from former MLBer (and I know he's probably tooling around in some low-level league trying to make a comeback) Rickey Henderson. Single-handedly the most entertaining player EVER....
In 1996, Henderson’s first season with San Diego, he boarded the team bus and was looking for a seat. Steve Finley said, “You have tenure, sit wherever you want.” Henderson looked at Finley and said, “Ten years? Ricky’s been playing at least 16, 17 years.”

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