Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back-to-Back Posts tonight...

On the eve of the NBA Draft there are lots of rumors swirling. One has the Sixers dealing enigmatic center Sam Dalembert to Milwaukee for Michael Redd. A Dallas paper reported the Mavs could send the expiring contracts of Eric Dampier and Jerry Stackhouse for Elton Brand. Read my lips - the Sixers will not making any such deals tomorrow night UNLESS they move back in the draft. I don't think Fast Eddie wants to part with any of the young talent required to move up into the top 15. I could see us "acquire" (aka buy) a 2nd round pick b/c we always do, but otherwise I don't see us making a move. Again, I think Maynor will be the pick.

FYI, I also think the Hawks are getting a steal in the Jamal Crawford deal. Doesn't Speedy Claxton's contract run through 2028?

Please tell me someone else watched the amazing US-Spain CONCAF Game this afternoon? This was the type of action-packed game that could help people in the US get excited about men's soccer, or at least the national team. I'm still not sure how we got the "tie breaker" to get into the game against the world's current #1 team. And, even though they totally outshot us and outplayed us in the second half, the US played with great hustle. The finals will likely be against Brazil on Sunday at 2 pm.

Did you hear the Flyers will play a game against the Bruins in Fenway on New Year's Day? That's gotta be the coolest thing I've heard in years. I'm really hoping that each team will eventually play in a couple of outdoor games per season. Its a great, great move by the NHL.

Why is everyone making such a big deal about the fact that the Dawgs have 2 early night games this season? Isn't that when great programs often play?

In other news:
  • How great to hear that Perez Hilton got hit by -- personally I think that "guy" got his comeuppance
  • Apparently at the Spain-Venezuela soccer game in Atlanta tonight, there was a wrestling ring set-up outside the game where masked wrestlers fought. Unreal.
  • I love getting in the elevator with someone who is on their phone. When this happens, I try to select my floor and make sure the door closes as quickly as possible. Why? Because I get great joy by watching people look incredulously at their cell phones as we travel up 20+ floors together in a steel encased elevator, as they shockingly say "hello," perplexed about how they have somehow dropped their call.
  • I think dry-fit is one of the greatest inventions of all-time. Yeah, all-time.
  • ESPN are you serious??? You are showing EVERY Manny Ramirez "I'm back from taking steroids" minor league at-bat? Surely there must be a spelling bee or jai-lai game on somewhere. Seriously, how do they justify this? It would be like following Pete Rose during his visits to AC -- hmm, there's an idea.

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  1. i didnt know ari gold became a sports agent? GREAT photo.