Sunday, June 7, 2009

HD, I think I love you, so what was I so afraid of...

I'm sitting here watching my first ever baseball game in HIGH DEFINITION and the Phils are taking it to the everybody-on-their-cujones, WORLD CLASS Dodgers. First off, I always enjoy watching the Phils stick it to Randy Wolf (who was a one-time Philly favorite). Twice, when he was a free agent, Wolf passed up the opportunity to rejoin the Phils (could have won a ring last year, Wolfie) to pitch out west. I'm pretty sure he used the Phils to up his offer from the Dodgers, but I have no tangible proof of this (I do have some damning photos, though). Regardless, another strong showing from Antonio Bastardo (or Fat Bastard, as my house now refers to him, although that moniker doesn't really fit his sub-200-lb build) and the Phils line-up is just nasty. Underrated catcher, Carlos Ruiz, has been on a tear since last September. He calls an excellent game and now he's starting to hit. One other thing to keep an eye on-- the Phils starting pitchers have gone 6 innings or more in seven straight games. That's quite a turnaround from the batting practice session they were tossing over the first two months of the season. Back to Ruiz -- his bat could be crucial to the Phils line-up in terms of balancing all of our big left-handed bats with his right-handed bat. And I'd love to see one more guy put up sick numbers in that line-up.

Love that Asante decided he needed a "day off" today. Come on, Dog, dude's only making $57 million and these are only "voluntary mandatory off-season no contact play installation bring your own lunch" practices.

In other news:
*Congrats Atlanta on becoming the second most dangerous municipality. Shockingly, our Mayor says that Atlanta is safer now than it has been in years, which is a brilliant defense. Maybe I should invite her to a sleep-over party at my house so that she can hear the parade of sirens we wake up to every morning. However, the THREE cops I see each morning on my way into work, chomping on their Krispy Kremes and pulling over soccer moms and hard-working commuters, are doing a STELLAR job of keeping the rough speed-bumped streets of E. Roxboro Road safe and free!
*Anyone think Phils rightfielder Jayson Werth could pass for one of the Geico caveman?
*NBA Finals - I watched game 55 of the Phils marathon season over you last night - I'm just not feelin' you.
*HDTV - I swore that I would never be one of those crazy, possessed HD-elitests who "only watch things in HD." The truth of the matter is, my girlfriend could probably get me to sit through The Real Housewives of Des Moines if it were in HD. My life is forever changed - where is the next Branch Davidian meeting and is it too late to get on the executive board?
*I didn't watch the Tony's b/c I'm pretty straight, but this was unbelievable, courtesy of Rock of Love/Poison frontman Bret Michaels - watch the very end.

*Speaking of music, go checkout Sammy Hagar's new band - Chickenfoot; I'm not sure why and I'm not really sure if I like them, but for some reason I'm rooting for Sammy to succeed; Maybe so he'll stay out of the tequila business - I'm not quite sure.
*Anyone ever notice that the bad guys in wrestling never bleed? Not since Ric Flair (who bled for everyone) has a bad guy bled well, and consistently
*I'm watching Stern on Letterman (in HD) ripping on Sasha Baron Cohen about his bare-assed sky-drop on Eminem's face. To Stern's point, he did the same thing 17 years ago as the world's newest super-hero FARTMAN, and Stern was villified for it. If something didn't happen in HDTV, did it really happen at all?


  1. LOL. Another funny blog, but I;m calling you out on your shot at the Tony's. I watched and I actually love musical theatre. I even took a couple of musical theater classes at the SW Fulton Arts Center a couple of years ago.

  2. I most of game 2 of the finals and thought Orlando was going to pull it off. I can't stand the idea of Kobe winning another title, but i think it's a foregone conclusion. Dude: how could give Bastardo THAT nickname? At least wait till he get shelled before you give him such a brtual name. :)

  3. Less works hours means more time to watch TV.....good choice going for the HD. I'll go to HD once I decide grab one of those fancy flat screen TV's