Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to the Future...

To all my loyal Phillycheesesteakheads, sorry for the delay - I was off getting engaged, but you have my word, the updates will be coming more regularly -- as long as my fiance, Summer, agrees to step up her game too.

Well it was great to see the Phils pummel the Rays this evening, in a rematch of last year's Fall Classic. Phils bats come alive, Jamie Moyer throws a nice game and the Phils blow out the Rays 10-1. Again, I'm not too up or too down on the Phils yet. Its way too early. Wake me up when July ends. The Phils injuries (Lidge, Ibanez, Condrey, Scott Eyre) are happening at the right time. This is championship-caliber team, but we must add another frontline starter to help take the pressure of off Hollywood Hamels.

Apparently the Sixers are re-branding themselves with their old logo. The only change will be a rectangular court around the 76 ball with "Philadelphia" along the bottom. Supposedly the Sixers will introduce a back-up logo (because what team that struggles to make the playoffs doesn't need a "back-up" logo) and new uniforms later. My personal favorite 76ers uniforms were the blue uni's with white stars down the side and the white SIXERS in red trim. I used to have a Dr. J poster over my bed, when he was rocking this uniform and had a mad-afro. I wonder if Iggy would be willing to grow a fro?
The NBA draft happens this Thursday and I'm thinking the Sixers will select VCU's Eric Maynor. I'd be happy with either Maynor or Ty Lawson, but I just have this feeling Maynor will be the guy. Eddie Stefanski, please no foreign players...

Nothing much happening on the gridiron, which is really sad. It makes me miss the USFL - Spring Football -- what a brilliant idea. Same goes for the Flyers.
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