Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goodbye Peter Zezel

Sad news from the Flyers tonight. Mid 1980's Flyer standout Peter Zezel has passed away at the young age of 44 from a rare blood disorder. A cool story I read about Zezel today -- apparently at the end of his playing career, he was playing for Vancouver and requested a trade to an East Coast team to be closer to his dying niece. Vancouver promptly deals him to Anaheim and instead of accepting the deal, Zezel retires. That's pretty unbelievable. Says a lot about the guy. Thoughts & prayers go out to Zezel's family.

In other news, apparently Kurt Rambis is OUT as a candidate to replace the recently jettisoned Tony DiLeo (well, jettisoned back to the front office, I should say). That sucks - I was looking forward to Rambis rec-specs night at the Wachovia Center. Word on the street is that the Sixers talked to Avery Johnson, but he's "not ready" to leave his perch at ESPN. Translation, "Thanks Philly, but I'm not interested in that mess you are marketing as the Sixers." I've also heard the Sixers are trying to talk to Jeff Van Gundy about their coaching opening. He is definitely my top choice. I would love to have JVG bring his scrappy ankle biting ways and baggy, sleeped deprived eyes to Philly. Count me as el capital of that cruise ship.

So, should the UGA-UF be moved to the Georgia Dome as is being discussed? My vote is no. The last thing I want to see is the Dawgs self-destructing and losing religiously in Atlanta. That coupled with the sudden influx of jean shorts, gold chains and mullets, known as "Gaytor Nation" is enough to keep this Dawg fan hoping the game stays in Jacksonville, at the so-called "neutral site."

MAJOR props to Anquan Boldin for firing that bag of monkey crap moonlighting as an agent named Drew Rosenhaus. I'm not a hater or maybe I am. I'm a man of peace and high moral integrity - ask my Mom, who still doesn't read and hasn't signed up to follow the blog yet. Clearly, she calls em' as she sees them. Anyway, I believe this will precipitate a deal for Anquan. I'm pretty sure Arizona will do their best to deal him to an AFC team. If you are the Eagles, do you still make a play for him? Before you say yes, understand that he would likely cost a number 2, an angry sheldon and probably another pick. Not that that is highway robbery, but with the selection of Jeremy Maclin along with D-Jax, Kevin Curtis, the very underrated Jason Avant and possibly resurgent Reggie Brown, things are going to be heated at the WR position this summer in Lehigh. That being said, its definitely worth an exploratory call. Could you imagine adding a guy like Anquan to this offense -- wow, hopefully I will be able to sleep.


  1. On the Georgia-Florida question, I like the proposal I heard a while back - one year, Florida gets a home game in Gainesville, the next year, UGA gets a home game in Athens, and then every third year the game is back in Jacksonville. That way, we don't have to travel to Jacksonville every single year, but we keep the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party tradition alive - and only having it there once every three years means that it would always be a crazy weekend.

  2. I could go for that proposal as well. I can only imagine how rockin' Athens would be to celebrate my birthday weekend & the Dawgs game (in that order). There's just something about having that game in Atlanta, that doesn't quite feel right, but I have a feeling that that's exactly what is going to happen.