Saturday, May 16, 2009

Southern Fried WHAT?

I'm a die-hard Philly sports fan who decided to stay "down south" after graduating from THE University of Georgia. Did I mention, my heart bleeds for the DAWGS too?

What I am:

  • A voracious reader & listener of Philly sports news
  • A passionate fan, who cannot fathom a world without the ups and downs the Philadelphia teams provide
  • A water ice, WAWA and Peppermint Patty junkie
  • A soldier of freedom (I just like the way that sounds)

What I am not:

  • A person who is not the slightest bit "connected" with any "INSIDE" information
  • The type of Philly/UGA fan who is completely blind
  • An excuse maker -- 99.8% time I don't believe the refs lose a game for you (save the 2002 Kings-Lakers series - game 6)
  • Someone who enjoys mayonnaise or seafood - EVER

I will probably stick to Philly and UGA sports, but don't be surprised to get additional commentary on other things I'm thinking about. Whether that be about my favorite band, my wonderful girlfriend, my 12-year old wonder dog or anything related to what's on my mind. If you're lucky (and I'm lucky enough to have people who actually read and comment on this blog) I might even address your comments.

What you get are my honest opinions and probably some grammatical errors, which would make my 3rd grade teachers hit me with a ruler. I welcome your feedback, especially when you agree. If you disagree w/me, that's fine -- you are wrong. After all, this is my domain. I am king - this is my SOUTHERN FRIED CHEESESTEAK. Hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I will enjoy writing about it!


  1. "the wonder dog" sounds like something that should be at citibank park's concession stand. i'd eat 5 of them for dollar wonder dog day.

  2. Cool! Can't wait to read what you blog about. I also learned something new about you. I had no idea you were also in the seafood haters club. I can't stand the stuff either.

  3. Those fried cheesesteaks look nasty. Is summer going to Met games?

  4. This is great man. I always wanted to do a blog, but I thought I might scare people w/what actually goes on in my mental blog space. I'll live through your words though man. Although I'm not a big follower of baseball, loved the piece on Raul &/vs. Pat.

  5. your site looks great Ross! more more more! :)