Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Been A Minute...

You know it's been a loooong damn time that I've posted since I forgot my login password. It happens to the best of us. I was actually off gettin' married, which was simply the greatest experience of my life. Everyone told us that it would fly by, and in truth it definitely did. However, thanks to these wise words uttered from everyone 8-80, Summer and I really tried to take in every single moment, which I believe, made our engagement and wedding weekend that much more enjoyable. Was I stressed? Maybe the last two days. Was I nervous? No. Was I excited? Indeed. I decided early on that I was going to enjoy this process, rather than stress over it. Now comes the process of writing thank you notes. Figure that will take us about another year but in the meantime....The fans of SFCS await.

Man, what an amazing season by the Flyers. I've NEVER felt good about a loss and last night was no different, but I also don't remember watching any of my teams overachieve like this one. I truly believe these guys gave every ounce of effort that they had, and who knows, if Carter didn't hit Niemi in the mask, and maybe if Simon Gagne converted on his breakaway or Claude Giroux finished his opportunity we would be talking about a game 7. But that's not the way it went down. In the end, I think we lost to a better team who played just as hard as we did - but you cannot be disappointed in this team. Upset - fine. Need a drink? Sure. Need to talk to a shrink? I have one for ya, but disappointed - NO. I like our young nucleus of Carter, Richards, Carle, Giroux, JVR and my new favorite player Ville Leino. I also love Danny Briere's game. This guy earns his keep with his sensational playoff play. This year he broke ol' Brian Propp's team record for points. Seemed like he was a force in every series. I do not think Boucher, Leighton or Emery are the answer between the pipes. Sadly the Flyers have made a habit of making lateral moves between the pipes. Often bringing in "new talent" as opposed to "better talent." While I don't blame the series loss on Leighton, he was pulled twice during a 6-game series and he let in a Pillsberry Doughboy soft goal to end the season. At best he's a number 2 goalie, but certainly not a Stanley Cup caliber goalie. Our defense is a major concern for me. Both Timonen and Pronger will turn 36 next year and although I think Matt Carle has All-Star potential, there is a HUGE drop-off after our top three d-men. Coburn took a step backwards this year. Parent can't stay healthy. Krajiceck is a 3rd liner and Bartulus is still young and largely unproven.

Baseball is such a long season. I have some concerns since the Colorado binoculars scandal and the Phillies inability to score. I have traditionally refused to panic until after the all-star break, so we'll see where we are in July. Amazing to hear about Roy Halladay pitching a perfect game during my rehearsal dinner. I'm also not panicked that we are trailing the Braves right now. We'll see how things look late summer.

In other news:
  • Hey BP here's an idea - stop spending so many millions on your PR campaign and start giving that money to the local citizens, animals and the earth that whose lives you have destroyed. It's one lie after another w/this company. First they said there would be minimal impact. Now they say there's more oil gushing out of the well then origially thought. Shocker. Make a stand people! Boycott BP gas. There are 15 other great gasoline choices for your car - no need to use a company that could care less about the damage they have inflicted upon this world. Oh, sorry Mr. Hayward we didn't mean to "take your life away."
  • Sadly, I feel like American Idol has given false hope to average singers around the country that they can actually sing - AND - that they should feel free to sing out loud whenever they get the urge. Awful.
  • If you haven't gone to Charleston - get on it. I have been championing this cause for years. It is truly one of the 3 most under-the-radar towns in this great country.
  • Summer and I learned that if you want tons of free shwag - tell people you are on your honeymoon. It's amazing how much nicer people became after doing this.
  • Speaking of honeymoon - no one accurately prepared me for the adjustment after the honeymoon. Specifically, I don't know why people look at me funny when I ask them to get me a drink
  • WORLD CUP FEVER - I definitely have it. And here's a fearless, foolish prediction. The US upsets England on Saturday. I know many of you might not be into futbol, but I hope you will give this US team a chance. They are good and if you get a chance watch Portugal - they are an exciting, physical team.
  • I cannot take anyone seriously who where's those oversized sunglasses. Sorry, just can't do it and everytime I see someone wearing them, I laugh. Sometimes uncontrollably.
  • My one year anniversary as a blogger recently came and went. That's what the great bloggers do -- they make time fly and 38 blogs later, here I am. Still standing (not really sure what that means, it just sounds tough).
  • I urge all of you to check my friend's blog: - it's a good place to go to read about an amazing strong guy. It should make you feel much better after reading the tar I spew on this blog.

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