Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ben Harper, Rambo and Brian Boucher

GO See Ben Harper! Seriously if he comes within 60 miles of where you are, you need to go see him. He puts on an amazing show. In fact, Summer and I talked about how it really feels like three shows in one. It's like watching an amazing slide guitarist, a gospel singer and a rockin' band. By the way, check out the orange Nikes. Ben Harper, my new hero. Sorry, Wayne.

I'm watching the NBA playoffs because I can't go to sleep. I'm not really sure where the NBA went wrong, but it has. I used to be able to watch any game at any time (back in the Dr. J, Magic, Bird, Jordan, Dominique, Detroit Bad Boys years). Now, I'm watching the Spurs-Mavs, watching Dirk flop all over the place and fighting my best urges not to put on Rambo: First Blood II. Maybe it's because my team the Sixers are garbage. They are a complete mess right now and while firing Eddie Jordan was the first attempt to correcting a mistake that NEVER should have happened. I think it's time to fire Ed Stefanski too. It's not just the horrendous contracts that he gave Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand, letting Andre Miller walk and expecting Lou Williams to play PG despite the fact he had never played PG until this year. No. Its the fact that Stefanski is looking at the same pile of garbage of coaching candidates (save Larry Brown, Avery Johnson and Doug Collins) that he looked at last year before settling on Jordan. Are you kidding me? He looked at these same guys last year, but saw "something" in Eddie Jordan that made him "the right choice?" If Stefanski doesn't get fired, he will overtake the weatherman, cab drivers and chiropractors as those in society who legally steal money. Keep an eye on the Hawks Mike Woodson. He was an assistant in Philly under LB and if the Hawks get bounced in the first round, I'll be shocked if the Hawks re-up him. Avery Johnson wants no part of Philly, Van Gundy loves his TV gig, Larry Brown would be a step up but why go back to him? Given that pool -- I have a woody for Woodson.

Eagles draft. It seems every year I watch and think to myself, "YES! We are finally gonna grab (insert favorite draftee here). I knew we would come around." And then - the inexplicable. We did, what? Well the same thing happened last week with Brandon Graham. After hearing the Birds traded up and watching the enormous hole left when they let B-Dawk leave, I was positive that Earl Thomas was the guy. Now, Brandon Graham is a fine player and the more I read and hear, the more I like the pick. However, I don't know why we didn't mortgage a few of our 13 picks to move back up in the draft and get a quality DB or Safety. I like Nate Allen and I think he will be solid. But we are now looking at Asante Samuel, who isn't the best tackling cornerback in the league and Ellis Hobbs who is recovering from a broken neck. A broken freakin' neck. And unfortunately when Hobbs was healthy last season he was beaten like a red-headed step child. And how do we address the defensive backfield? We draft a guy (in the 4th round) who has great instincts, but is slow of foot, undersized, and not a great tackler. Um, yeah I get it. By the way, Jeff Owens from UGA will make the squad. He was a steal in the 7th round as was Ricky Sapp in the 5th.

Lets go Flyers! Say it -- it feels good. Hell, it feels great right now. After CRUSHING the hated Devils, we move on to play the Bruins, which is a major difference between the NBA and the NHL. In the eastern conference the 8th (Canadiens), 7th (Flyers) and 6th (Bruins) all advanced. Would that ever happen in the NBA? Anyway, the Flyers definitely have a tough road ahead of them especially without Jeff Carter. But Brian Boucher is playing out of his mind. He's got the lowest GAA in the playoffs. What an amazing story. Will he keep it up? Probably not, but can the Flyers beat the Bruins? I say yes they can, and yes they will -- in 6 games. Just what I need -- another reason to hate Bahh-ston!

In other news:
  • This is the second blog I've written since Cobi has passed and it still sucks. It's weird to not be adjusting my laptop every three minutes b/c he's angling his way in to sit in my lap.
  • I'm worried what will happen after my wedding when Summer and I return home and don't find multiple large boxes sitting outside our door.
  • This just in -- Bobby Brown is still alive; despite the fact that at 41 he was AGAIN kicked out of New Edition for his inability to put down the crack pipe, but he is still alive. Apparently, he called an Atlanta radio station to let them know he was still alive. Oh wait, this just in-- he's back in the group and they are preparing for a new album.
  • I think that bluetooth headsets are a cover-up for the increasing number of insane people in this country. Seriously. Now it's okay to talk to yourself as long as you have one of those goofy blue blinking earpieces in? I'm on to you, freaks.
  • If you are a guy and you are at a festival, put a shirt on. Honestly. Everyone else is doing it, so can you. If you crave the attention, get a pet rock.
  • Let me get this straight -- Arizona is taking it upon itself to arrest Hispanics whom they believe to be illegal aliens and this surprises people, why? Weren't they the last state to observe MLK day?
  • Dear Entourage, 24 ends in 5 weeks, which leaves me with Modern Family and Sports Center (the latter potentially becoming dangerous to my new marriage). Need you to come back soon! Sincerely, Ross and Summer.
  • People who wear sunglasses inside always make me laugh. Always. Maybe, I should introduce you to my friend with the bluetooth.
  • Next time you think your year has sucked, think about Brett Michaels.
  • I would love to know what our dog Comet dreams about when she barks and wags her tail in her sleep. I'm pretty sure she's dreaming about reading my blog.
  • While getting tickets to Ben Harper last week, I received another cruel reminder that I'm getting older. When presented with the option of getting seats or standing in the pit, I chose seats so we wouldn't have to stand the entire time. The good news??? Once we got there we snuck down to the pit and danced for the entire show. I still got it.
  • Ben Roethlisburger, I hope you get your ass kicked this season.

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  1. What? A new New Edition album is in the making? I'm getting a woody for that. Since you're short on TV to watch, maybe you should start watching the best show on TV, Friday Night Lights. Season 4 started this week.