Friday, July 10, 2009

Vic the All-Star...

Major props to the Flyin' Hawaiian, Shane Victorino on being chosen by the fans as the final NL All-Star! 15.6 million votes can't be wrong. Philly fans definitely came out in mass numbers to vote, as Victorino broke the last year's record by more than 6 million votes. Quite an accomplishment for a guy who was plucked out of the Padres system years ago as a Rule 5 draft pick.

Victorino's arrival as an All-Star is an incredible story. Victorino was selected as a Rule 5 draft pick by the Padres in 2002, played 36 games for the Padres, but was eventually returned to the Dodgers. Victorino was again selected in the 2005 Rule 5 Draft by the Philadelphia Phillies. He again failed to stay with the major league club, and was offered back to the Dodgers. The Dodgers declined, so the Phillies retained his contract and assigned him to their minor league club in Scranton-Wilkes Barre.

"To all the fans across the country, mahalo for your support," said Victorino, a native of Hawaii. "I am so honored and appreciative of the passion that everyone has shown to make this dream come true, especially with the number of votes cast. It's just unbelievable."

The Phillies went all-out to get Victorino selected to his first All-Star game. He went door-to-door in South Philadelphia with Mayor Michael A. Nutter to campaign for votes on Monday.

In other news, its looking more likely that the Phils will sign 214-game winner Pedro Martinez to an incentive layden contract. I'm hearing its a 1-year deal worth approximately $4 million bucks. A little steep for me, but its not my money and I think adding a veteran arm, with Pedro's talent is a good move (short-term). Word is that this move won't affect the Phils pursuit of Roy Halladay, but the Blue Jays are asking for a king's ransom (as they should) and as a Phils fan, I'm not prepared to give away for our future for this year -- especially after we won a WS last year.

In other news, Dawgs reserve offensive lineman Tanner Strickland injured his shoulder and will miss the entire year. Hopefully this will not follow last year's pattern of dropping offensive lineman. Otherwise, I better start bulking up now.

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  1. I'm going to take just a tiny bit of credit for telling you it would have been horrible move if Victorino had been traded a couple of seasons ago when the trade rumors were swirling around him. He is what JRoll used to be...our catalyst.