Monday, July 13, 2009

Quite a lull in sports right now. Did you know that the day prior to the All-Star game, as well as the day following the All-Star game, are the only 2 days of the year where there are NO SPORTS going on? How awful is that?

Speaking of awful - the HR Derby absolutely stinks this year. Yeah, it was cool to watch Prince go 500 ft deep and see hometown boy Ryan Howard smack a few out - but like baseball, it takes foooorever to complete. I think Prince Fielder and Pascual Perez are in the finals...snoooze.

Looks more and more that the Phils will sign Pedro Martinez to a 1 year deal. Supposedly he's come down a good bit from his $4 million price tag. He flew to Philly today to take a physical and sign his deal. I was kidding with "HoJo," a longtime SFCS follower, that Pedro will ask for Tugger's #45 to be un-retired. HoJo countered by saying Pedro will ask for Howard's #6.

Don't forget to tune in to the All-Star game tomorrow night to watch the the five, count em' FIVE Philly All-Stars -- including their entire outfield (all of who have been featured in blogs on this site). That hasn't happened since 1995. That's truly amazing.

The Dawgs added another commitment to their rapidly strengthening 2010 recruiting class. This weekend, Jakar Hamilton, a JUCO All-American, chose UGA over Alabama and a few other directional schools. Hamilton, definitely doesn't lack for confidence. "I'm not going to let you down," Hamilton said to a pocket of Bulldogs fans, who snapped cell-phone photos of the event and later asked him to sign autographs. "You won't get another guy like me."

Random Notes:

  • Just saw a Snickers commercial w/Patrick Ewing - seriously that guy looks like he's put on 50-60 lbs since retirement; maybe he should be thinking about lean cuisine sponsorships
  • Anyone see the season premiere of Entourage? Historically the show starts real slow, which is how last night started. Slow. Any episode making E the focus is one I can pass on. Give me more Ari & Johnny Drama. Speaking of weight, Lloyd what the hell have you been doing during "dark times" for the show. Lloyd, meet Patrick. Patrick meet Lloyd.
  • Seth Green is on Monday Night Raw tonight. Who's career is falling apart faster? Green's for being the "celebrity GM" or mine b/c I'm watching this over the HR Derby.
  • Um, when did Britney Spears become Jewish?
  • Ok, just saw the end of RAW and it was 5x better than the HR Derby - my career has been redeemed.
  • I leave you with this....I find it INCREDIBLY ironic that Joe Jackson suspects "foul play" in his son's Michael's death. Hey Joe, if you steal your son's childhood by not allowing him to play with other kids, and you had him perform in strip clubs at 5, and you physically and verbally abused him at a very young age because your own musical career went nowhere; maybe, just maybe, he would have been comfortable with who he was and he wouldn't have needed 107 different plastic surgeries to "remake" his face in what I believe was an attempt to leave any reminder of his childhood behind. I'm just saying....


  1. What was Joe Buck doing on ESPN's broadcast of the HR Derby. I know his dad was a local hero in St. Louis but take a sporting event off. The man can't even handle Artie Lange for crissakes!

  2. I'm shocked that Buck didn't start yammering about how "unforgiving" the Philadelphia fans are and how they BOO Santa Claus...blah, blah, blah.

  3. Okay I know that Phillies fans do not care about this but can we please have just a moment for Jeff Francoeur being traded to the mets this week? just one moment...okay I'm done

  4. Francoeur was a colossal bust and we don't really need to discuss him. He's not exactly lighting it up against his old team either.

  5. The HR Derby just might be THE most overhyped 'event' in the history of sports. It's nothing but a glorified batting practice and get the ESPN talk heads screaming about each homer like it was hit in the bottom of the 9th in game 7 of World Series. I'd rather watch TO's ridiculous tv show than the HR Derby!

  6. Patrick Chewing